Second Week 
I had my first Lab for Human Anatomy early Monday morning.(9:30) I have to catch the bus at 7:25. It was a bust as far as I'm concerned. It is a self-serve model with no instruction. The lab tech is a biology major, but has no anatomy experience. So we have the opportunity to look at all the bones that are stored in cupboards and drawers and compare them to our anatomy textbooks. I spent most of the time just looking for the bones listed in our lab books. Then I compared the textbook to the real bones. The lab tech said that we did not need to come if we didn't want to. Since it is early in the morning and my lecture is 9 hours later, I will only come every other week or so. In between I will go through my textbook and just identify and memorize.
The first painting class on Tuesday was fun. We got to into the Goldfarb Learning Centre and look at original art pieces that were donated to the university by the Goldfarb's. They had a lot of Jean Claude Riopelle's! Anyway, we looked at some pieces and talked about the composition and colour of the peices and how it affected the focal point.
The we started our 4 study peices. I finished 2 in the class and 2 on my Wednesday day of no classes.
On WEdensday, I did paint most of the day plus some reading, walk the dog, had a nap and had a great bike ride with Roland. (instead of the gym)
Thursday was a long day. Catch the bus at 6:10, and classes and tutourials all day with an hour in between them all. Back home by 10:30.
We had a great debate in Critical Issues about the reading of "What is Art?" The theory is that Art (with a capital A) did not exist until 250 years ago, when the public decided to institutionalize art and give it meaning. And and artist is a person of genius who has full authority over his/her work. I'l let you think on this and please state your opinion!
In Modern Art lecture, I used a recorder and felt much better about keeping up with the lecture. The tutorial will help alot to focus on what is necessary to focus on with regards to the essay and exam.
My Art and Ideas class is interesting. I will be able to write about and discuss the arts (all the disciplines of fine arts) when I learn the language. Again this tutorial is a life saver.
Whew what a week! But I am keeping up and feel good about it!

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Reading & Note Taking workshop and Art and Ideas  
Not as early today, but I had a workshop to attend on Reading and Note Taking. This workshop was well worth the time as I got some good information that will help me focus in my reading.
The ARt and Ideas course has about 300 students in it. The professor is somewhat traditional in her lecture time, but this is a hybrid course that will be partially on-line in the winter session. She also has good use of WEbCT and an informative website linked to WEbCT.
For some reason, I did not buy the textbook/course kit for this course on Monday. If I had, I would have bought the wrong book for another section of the course. And this course kit is non-refundable. $66. Our course kit is not available until after Thanksgiving.
This course is mainly an interdisciplinary course of Fine Arts, so we will learn the language of all the Arts. It is somewhat a writing course for the Fine Arts. I think the tutorial time will be key to the success of this course for me.
Not home until 6:30 again.
I can't wait to relax with a cider and have dinner!
My first week is done. So far, I am not overwhelmed, but I am not disillusioned to what is ahead of me. I really hope I have the energy to pull this off.

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Long Day- Critical Issues in the Studio & Modern Art 1750 to Present 
It was so early and I am an hour early, but otherwise, with the next bus, it would cut it too close in case of traffic.
So I grabbed a Tor Star and read read the paper. As I am waiting, another mature student sits across from to also read the paper. She is 60 and a former math teacher going on a part-time basis to finish her second degree in Fine Arts. She is a drawer. We seem to have alot in common. We are not in the same tutorials, but sat together in both of the main classes today.
Critical Issues looks like and interesting course as we look at how the arts fits in society and the roles it can play dealing with social,political,religious, and ethical issues.
In the tutorial, we teamed up with a partner and we have to do a representational piece of art of each other. So we had an interview time and will be in touch over the next week so we can start the project. I am teamed up with a shy and thoughtful Korean girl. I already have some great ideas! We joined each other's Facebook so it would help us to formulate some ideas about each other. It will be interesting how she see me. She is really into the realism but a portrait is not exactly what they are looking for.
My Modern ARt class is a bit intimidating. He is really into lecturing and visual memory with slides going by of art pieces and their place in history. Our marks are only formulated in each term with an essay and a term exam. So you blow one or the other and you are sunk.
My reading ahead of the class did help, but he really only covered some history preceding the time period. I had a hard time taking notes and keeping up with him. Roland is suggesting a tape recorder so I can go over my notes and fill in the blanks.
At least I have some experience with seeing and knowing some art with all my visits to museums around the world. It just may help.
The tutorial for this week was cancelled. At least I get to be home by 6:30 and not 9:30.

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Day Off 
Spent the morning of my day off doing my household duties. I also did my supply shopping for the painting class. $60 later which included a large, large jar of gesso. I believe I will go through it all with all the projects I have to do.
I really needed a nap, and took one!
Then I did some reading ahead of my Modern Art class for tomorrow and gessoed all my paper and canvas for Project 1 for Painting.
We also took the opportunity to get back to the gym when I picked up Rol after work.
Now I am tired again, but after dinner I need to get caught up on our finances including my father's stuff.
To bed early as I had to get up Thursday morning at 5:15 to catch a 6:10 bus for an 8:30 class. Ugh!

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Painting: Colour & Composition 
I really liked my painting class. There is about 25 students in the class. Our instructor is from Poland and was called away for an emergency and will not be with us for the next 3 weeks. So our substitute teacher is a 30 something, good looking jock and a working artist. He has taught this class before.
We started by going around the room and introducing ourselves. We were to mention what year and our degree, why we took this class, any hobbies and favourite movie.
I started my speel with the fact that I haven't been in school for 32 years, excepting some courses taken throughout my life. Rizzo, the instructor, interrupted and asked if I stopped in kindergarten. What a nice compliment! I also worked in our sabbatical trip and taking lots of Lord of the Ring tours as these were my favourite movies.
We then played a game called "zap" which helps us remember each others names. It is sort of like musical chairs but not as physical. It did help to remember some names.
I am excited about the projects coming up. I think I need some supplies so I will go to Curry's tomorrow on my day off.
WE have to buy smarties and licorice allsorts to paint in the first project. We will do 4 studies and 1 final painting. The 4 studies will be due in 2 weeks. It is recommended that we stay and paint for the full 4 hours of the class so instruction can be given. We are then also supposed to put in another 8 hrs a week at home. That is a a lot of time for a 3 credit course.
But it is what I love to do.

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