First Day of School 
Did not start off great. I got the time wrong for the bus so I was late for my Human Anatomy for Fine Arts Lab. Or so I thought. When I finally found the lab, a note was posted that labs do not start until next week. So I was actually a week early and not late.
So now I have 10hrs to kill.
So I first go to the Visual Arts building and find out about lockers to rent. They are not available yet. Great! I am going to buy textbook next and I will have to lug them around all day. Oh well.
So onto the bookstore. Great, no line up to get in, but where do I find what I need? Well they are very helpful in the bookstore. I was able to snag 2 used copies of my required books. The anatomy textbook was expensive $125. The wait line to pay for the books took 1hr. When I emerge from the bookstore, the line up to get in was probably an hour long. Good timing on my part.
I also want to join the gym so I can workout in these long hours between classes. It is a workout just to walk to the gym. Another line up! Another hour wait!
Let's see what the library system is about. I find a great spot to rest awhile and read and close my eyes. Since I had some of my textbooks. I got my readings for some of the courses done for next week.Yay! I also put together my agenda with most due dates of projects, papers, tests and exams into it. I really feel I need to be organized so I don't miss anything important.
Not to get too lazy, I walk and find where all my classes are being held and where all the nearest washrooms are. This last point is critical at my age.
So I rest a bit and sit in the sun and notice another woman my age doing the same thing so I decide to go and introduce myself. She is going part-time to study English. We both felt somewhat of an island so it was nice to chat a bit to someone. We will try to have lunch together sometime.
So finally, my lecture class of Human Anatomy. Big lecture hall filling up with about 500 students. I spot just one other older woman in the crowd. Maybe next week I will try to sit by her. The course will be challenging in that it will test my memory to the fullest extent.
He lets us out early and I catch the 8:45 bus and get home at 9:50. Thanks Rol for being there to pick me up in scarry downtown Oshawa late at night.

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Winter's College Orientation 
I find my way to the Winter's College. A college is a sub section of the student population according to faculties. Winters is for the Fine Arts, Communications and Education students.
So breakfast is supposed to be somewhere. Found it, in the Absinthe Pub, a student run pub. Bagels and fruit and bad coffee. I think I'll go get a better cup of coffee as I wait for the meeting to start.
Loud rock music and partying frosh are in the quad. I somewhat wish I could join in.
At the meeting about 1500 students get to listen to the heads of the faculties and other organizations. We are also entertained by a student acapella group "wibj", and some alumni such as a trombonist "Ray Westray", and a musical singer/actor. What other college has this type of alumni? It was great!
The room is crowded and every seat is taken, however I feel very much alone. No one talks to me or even makes eye contact. I don't see anyone my age except for a few parents. Yes they were parents.
WE break up into smaller groups of students to ask questions. Not very informative. Still no one acknowledges my presence.
Lunch is supposed to be in the quad after the meeting. I wait, but no lunch appears as frosh keep on partying and gearing up for the afternoon's activities.
I decide to go home and not attend tomorrows orientation. I really don't need to know what clubs to join.

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Visual Arts Orientation 
Get there early and glad because the room was changed. As I am waiting I am getting some looks from students and parents like "Why are you here, parents aren't allowed"
Ok I am going to get that a lot so I better used to it. Roland and I had a similar experience when we went to York to check out the program last November. Twice we were directed to where the parents were supposed to be and not the students info sessions.
I am definitely the oldest in the room. No one sits next to me, but I'm in the second row.
We got to meet the profs of most of the required courses, the chair of the department, the admin staff. It was very informative with many tips from each of them. My painting course professor seems a little intimidating. She will challenge me I"m sure.
Joy the administrative assistant has already dubbed me , in jest, as troublemaker #2. I just asked a few questions.
Pizza was served.
Bus ride home. Not too bad so far. Getting some reading time. I pick up the bus in downtown Oshawa with a few stops in between and get directly to York in 1 hr. and 5-10 min.

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Mature Students Orientation 
My first orientation. I'd like to say a wine and cheese, but it was a coffee, lemonade and cheese affair. We had a campus tour. Our group was accompanied by a photographer from the Globe and Mail. So he took pictures throughout our tour and took a lot of pictures of your truly. He wanted to focus on me looking at the map to find my way around. Contrary to the article, I do not get Lost! Internal GPS apparently. I gave an interview to the reporter after our time in the lecture hall. Below is the link to the article.
In the lecture hall after the tour we were introduced to ACMAPS. The organization at York that helps us mature student to navigate our way to a degree. It will be very helpful.
When a straw poll was taken about how long people were out of school, I was one of the very few that still had their hand up after 25 years of being out of school. It has been 32 years since high school.
I felt somewhat reassured after the orientation that "Yes, I can do this"
The article came out and of course it is not correct in its representation. I do not have "grey" hair. Photoshop! The comments to the article are interesting, Everything from encouragement to why am I taking resources and space from the young people.
Hey I earned my way just as everyone else!
Anyway, here is the link to the article.

Globe and Mail article

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University at 49 
Why would I go to university at my age?

The answer is that I always wanted to get a degree and it was now or never. A crossroads. At the "appropriate" time after high school, I had to support myself and I moved to B.C. which didn't accept Ontario's grade 12 since it had grade 13. If I had the opportunity at that point, I probably would have got a degree in the business field such as a accounting. Then life happened: I worked myself up in the banking industry, got married, had 3 kids, worked part-time and became a financial/estate planner, started to paint again, certified myself as a an interior decorator, went on sabbatical with my husband and travelled.
As we were traveling and living abroad (see pictures below) I decided that it was now my time to do this. My hubby has a PHd, my oldest child a BSc,BEd and working on a masters, my second child a BA, MKin., and my youngest is in 4th year EngChem/Music. It was high time I kept up with the family.
I believe that we have always set a good example to our children regarding education with life long learning opportunities. This is not a competition. but following through on what we think is important.
Education is not to get a job, but the opportunity to learn and "how" to continue to learn.
I want to expand my knowledge of the art world and challenge myself as an artist. I wasn't getting that from the odd workshops I could attend. They were inspirational, encouraging, and I did learn a lot, but it was not enough for me.
So I am taking the opportunity! I am going to York University to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Visual Arts Studio.
Thanks Rol, Rebekah, Rachel, Jon, Greg, Beth and many friends and family for your support and encouragement.
Enjoy the journey with me!

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