Reading & Note Taking workshop and Art and Ideas  
Not as early today, but I had a workshop to attend on Reading and Note Taking. This workshop was well worth the time as I got some good information that will help me focus in my reading.
The ARt and Ideas course has about 300 students in it. The professor is somewhat traditional in her lecture time, but this is a hybrid course that will be partially on-line in the winter session. She also has good use of WEbCT and an informative website linked to WEbCT.
For some reason, I did not buy the textbook/course kit for this course on Monday. If I had, I would have bought the wrong book for another section of the course. And this course kit is non-refundable. $66. Our course kit is not available until after Thanksgiving.
This course is mainly an interdisciplinary course of Fine Arts, so we will learn the language of all the Arts. It is somewhat a writing course for the Fine Arts. I think the tutorial time will be key to the success of this course for me.
Not home until 6:30 again.
I can't wait to relax with a cider and have dinner!
My first week is done. So far, I am not overwhelmed, but I am not disillusioned to what is ahead of me. I really hope I have the energy to pull this off.

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