Long Day- Critical Issues in the Studio & Modern Art 1750 to Present 
It was so early and I am an hour early, but otherwise, with the next bus, it would cut it too close in case of traffic.
So I grabbed a Tor Star and read read the paper. As I am waiting, another mature student sits across from to also read the paper. She is 60 and a former math teacher going on a part-time basis to finish her second degree in Fine Arts. She is a drawer. We seem to have alot in common. We are not in the same tutorials, but sat together in both of the main classes today.
Critical Issues looks like and interesting course as we look at how the arts fits in society and the roles it can play dealing with social,political,religious, and ethical issues.
In the tutorial, we teamed up with a partner and we have to do a representational piece of art of each other. So we had an interview time and will be in touch over the next week so we can start the project. I am teamed up with a shy and thoughtful Korean girl. I already have some great ideas! We joined each other's Facebook so it would help us to formulate some ideas about each other. It will be interesting how she see me. She is really into the realism but a portrait is not exactly what they are looking for.
My Modern ARt class is a bit intimidating. He is really into lecturing and visual memory with slides going by of art pieces and their place in history. Our marks are only formulated in each term with an essay and a term exam. So you blow one or the other and you are sunk.
My reading ahead of the class did help, but he really only covered some history preceding the time period. I had a hard time taking notes and keeping up with him. Roland is suggesting a tape recorder so I can go over my notes and fill in the blanks.
At least I have some experience with seeing and knowing some art with all my visits to museums around the world. It just may help.
The tutorial for this week was cancelled. At least I get to be home by 6:30 and not 9:30.

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