Painting: Colour & Composition 
I really liked my painting class. There is about 25 students in the class. Our instructor is from Poland and was called away for an emergency and will not be with us for the next 3 weeks. So our substitute teacher is a 30 something, good looking jock and a working artist. He has taught this class before.
We started by going around the room and introducing ourselves. We were to mention what year and our degree, why we took this class, any hobbies and favourite movie.
I started my speel with the fact that I haven't been in school for 32 years, excepting some courses taken throughout my life. Rizzo, the instructor, interrupted and asked if I stopped in kindergarten. What a nice compliment! I also worked in our sabbatical trip and taking lots of Lord of the Ring tours as these were my favourite movies.
We then played a game called "zap" which helps us remember each others names. It is sort of like musical chairs but not as physical. It did help to remember some names.
I am excited about the projects coming up. I think I need some supplies so I will go to Curry's tomorrow on my day off.
WE have to buy smarties and licorice allsorts to paint in the first project. We will do 4 studies and 1 final painting. The 4 studies will be due in 2 weeks. It is recommended that we stay and paint for the full 4 hours of the class so instruction can be given. We are then also supposed to put in another 8 hrs a week at home. That is a a lot of time for a 3 credit course.
But it is what I love to do.

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