First Day of School 
Did not start off great. I got the time wrong for the bus so I was late for my Human Anatomy for Fine Arts Lab. Or so I thought. When I finally found the lab, a note was posted that labs do not start until next week. So I was actually a week early and not late.
So now I have 10hrs to kill.
So I first go to the Visual Arts building and find out about lockers to rent. They are not available yet. Great! I am going to buy textbook next and I will have to lug them around all day. Oh well.
So onto the bookstore. Great, no line up to get in, but where do I find what I need? Well they are very helpful in the bookstore. I was able to snag 2 used copies of my required books. The anatomy textbook was expensive $125. The wait line to pay for the books took 1hr. When I emerge from the bookstore, the line up to get in was probably an hour long. Good timing on my part.
I also want to join the gym so I can workout in these long hours between classes. It is a workout just to walk to the gym. Another line up! Another hour wait!
Let's see what the library system is about. I find a great spot to rest awhile and read and close my eyes. Since I had some of my textbooks. I got my readings for some of the courses done for next week.Yay! I also put together my agenda with most due dates of projects, papers, tests and exams into it. I really feel I need to be organized so I don't miss anything important.
Not to get too lazy, I walk and find where all my classes are being held and where all the nearest washrooms are. This last point is critical at my age.
So I rest a bit and sit in the sun and notice another woman my age doing the same thing so I decide to go and introduce myself. She is going part-time to study English. We both felt somewhat of an island so it was nice to chat a bit to someone. We will try to have lunch together sometime.
So finally, my lecture class of Human Anatomy. Big lecture hall filling up with about 500 students. I spot just one other older woman in the crowd. Maybe next week I will try to sit by her. The course will be challenging in that it will test my memory to the fullest extent.
He lets us out early and I catch the 8:45 bus and get home at 9:50. Thanks Rol for being there to pick me up in scarry downtown Oshawa late at night.

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