Winter's College Orientation 
I find my way to the Winter's College. A college is a sub section of the student population according to faculties. Winters is for the Fine Arts, Communications and Education students.
So breakfast is supposed to be somewhere. Found it, in the Absinthe Pub, a student run pub. Bagels and fruit and bad coffee. I think I'll go get a better cup of coffee as I wait for the meeting to start.
Loud rock music and partying frosh are in the quad. I somewhat wish I could join in.
At the meeting about 1500 students get to listen to the heads of the faculties and other organizations. We are also entertained by a student acapella group "wibj", and some alumni such as a trombonist "Ray Westray", and a musical singer/actor. What other college has this type of alumni? It was great!
The room is crowded and every seat is taken, however I feel very much alone. No one talks to me or even makes eye contact. I don't see anyone my age except for a few parents. Yes they were parents.
WE break up into smaller groups of students to ask questions. Not very informative. Still no one acknowledges my presence.
Lunch is supposed to be in the quad after the meeting. I wait, but no lunch appears as frosh keep on partying and gearing up for the afternoon's activities.
I decide to go home and not attend tomorrows orientation. I really don't need to know what clubs to join.

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