Visual Arts Orientation 
Get there early and glad because the room was changed. As I am waiting I am getting some looks from students and parents like "Why are you here, parents aren't allowed"
Ok I am going to get that a lot so I better used to it. Roland and I had a similar experience when we went to York to check out the program last November. Twice we were directed to where the parents were supposed to be and not the students info sessions.
I am definitely the oldest in the room. No one sits next to me, but I'm in the second row.
We got to meet the profs of most of the required courses, the chair of the department, the admin staff. It was very informative with many tips from each of them. My painting course professor seems a little intimidating. She will challenge me I"m sure.
Joy the administrative assistant has already dubbed me , in jest, as troublemaker #2. I just asked a few questions.
Pizza was served.
Bus ride home. Not too bad so far. Getting some reading time. I pick up the bus in downtown Oshawa with a few stops in between and get directly to York in 1 hr. and 5-10 min.

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