Mature Students Orientation 
My first orientation. I'd like to say a wine and cheese, but it was a coffee, lemonade and cheese affair. We had a campus tour. Our group was accompanied by a photographer from the Globe and Mail. So he took pictures throughout our tour and took a lot of pictures of your truly. He wanted to focus on me looking at the map to find my way around. Contrary to the article, I do not get Lost! Internal GPS apparently. I gave an interview to the reporter after our time in the lecture hall. Below is the link to the article.
In the lecture hall after the tour we were introduced to ACMAPS. The organization at York that helps us mature student to navigate our way to a degree. It will be very helpful.
When a straw poll was taken about how long people were out of school, I was one of the very few that still had their hand up after 25 years of being out of school. It has been 32 years since high school.
I felt somewhat reassured after the orientation that "Yes, I can do this"
The article came out and of course it is not correct in its representation. I do not have "grey" hair. Photoshop! The comments to the article are interesting, Everything from encouragement to why am I taking resources and space from the young people.
Hey I earned my way just as everyone else!
Anyway, here is the link to the article.

Globe and Mail article

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