University at 49 
Why would I go to university at my age?

The answer is that I always wanted to get a degree and it was now or never. A crossroads. At the "appropriate" time after high school, I had to support myself and I moved to B.C. which didn't accept Ontario's grade 12 since it had grade 13. If I had the opportunity at that point, I probably would have got a degree in the business field such as a accounting. Then life happened: I worked myself up in the banking industry, got married, had 3 kids, worked part-time and became a financial/estate planner, started to paint again, certified myself as a an interior decorator, went on sabbatical with my husband and travelled.
As we were traveling and living abroad (see pictures below) I decided that it was now my time to do this. My hubby has a PHd, my oldest child a BSc,BEd and working on a masters, my second child a BA, MKin., and my youngest is in 4th year EngChem/Music. It was high time I kept up with the family.
I believe that we have always set a good example to our children regarding education with life long learning opportunities. This is not a competition. but following through on what we think is important.
Education is not to get a job, but the opportunity to learn and "how" to continue to learn.
I want to expand my knowledge of the art world and challenge myself as an artist. I wasn't getting that from the odd workshops I could attend. They were inspirational, encouraging, and I did learn a lot, but it was not enough for me.
So I am taking the opportunity! I am going to York University to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Visual Arts Studio.
Thanks Rol, Rebekah, Rachel, Jon, Greg, Beth and many friends and family for your support and encouragement.
Enjoy the journey with me!

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