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  • 2010
    • September
      • Second Week
        I had my first Lab for Human Anatomy early Monday morning.(9:30) I have to catch the bus at 7:25. It was a bust as far as I'm concerned. It is a self-serve model with no instruction. The lab tech is a biology major, but has no anatomy experience. So we have the opportunity to look at all the bo

      • Reading & Note Taking workshop and Art and Ideas
        Not as early today, but I had a workshop to attend on Reading and Note Taking. This workshop was well worth the time as I got some good information that will help me focus in my reading.
        The ARt and Ideas course has about 300 students in it. The professor is somewhat traditional in her lecture

      • Long Day- Critical Issues in the Studio & Modern Art 1750 to Present
        It was so early and I am an hour early, but otherwise, with the next bus, it would cut it too close in case of traffic.
        So I grabbed a Tor Star and read read the paper. As I am waiting, another mature student sits across from to also read the paper. She is 60 and a former math teacher going on

      • Day Off
        Spent the morning of my day off doing my household duties. I also did my supply shopping for the painting class. $60 later which included a large, large jar of gesso. I believe I will go through it all with all the projects I have to do.
        I really needed a nap, and took one!
        Then I did some

      • Painting: Colour & Composition
        I really liked my painting class. There is about 25 students in the class. Our instructor is from Poland and was called away for an emergency and will not be with us for the next 3 weeks. So our substitute teacher is a 30 something, good looking jock and a working artist. He has taught this class be

      • First Day of School
        Did not start off great. I got the time wrong for the bus so I was late for my Human Anatomy for Fine Arts Lab. Or so I thought. When I finally found the lab, a note was posted that labs do not start until next week. So I was actually a week early and not late.
        So now I have 10hrs to kill.
      • Winter's College Orientation
        I find my way to the Winter's College. A college is a sub section of the student population according to faculties. Winters is for the Fine Arts, Communications and Education students.
        So breakfast is supposed to be somewhere. Found it, in the Absinthe Pub, a student run pub. Bagels and fr

      • Visual Arts Orientation
        Get there early and glad because the room was changed. As I am waiting I am getting some looks from students and parents like "Why are you here, parents aren't allowed"
        Ok I am going to get that a lot so I better used to it. Roland and I had a similar experience when we went to Y

      • Mature Students Orientation
        My first orientation. I'd like to say a wine and cheese, but it was a coffee, lemonade and cheese affair. We had a campus tour. Our group was accompanied by a photographer from the Globe and Mail. So he took pictures throughout our tour and took a lot of pictures of your truly. He wanted to foc

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