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Computer Systems

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Custom Systems:

Designing and building custom machines for your particular need and application is what we do best. Call for a pricing today.

Check out our samples systems listed below:


Intel Based Pentium Computers

All Systems Include

  • Intel Pentium 4-1.8GHz
    • $949.00
  • Intel Pentium 4-2.4GHz
    • $1049.00
  • Intel Pentium 4-2.6GHz
    • $1075.00
  • Intel Pentium 4-2.8GHz
    • $2049.00
  • Intel Pentium 4-3.0GHz
    • $1325.00


  • P-4 Quality Motherboard
  • 256MB DDR RAM
  • 40GB Hard Drive
  • 32MB 4X AGP Video Card
  • 1.44MB Panasonic Floppy Drive
  • P-4 Mid-Tower Case /300W PS
  • PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse/Pad
  • 52x CD-ROM Drive
  • Stereo Sound
  • 2 Piece Tower Speaker System
  • 56K Modem or Ethernet Card
  • MS-Windows XP (Including CD & Manual)
  • 52x24x52 CD Burner


Up to 512MB DDR RAM $59.00
Add 16X DVD $49.99
Add DVD+, DVDRW $199.00
Add 16X DVD (no 52x CD) $20.00
Add 64MB 4X AGP Video $49.00
Add ATI AIW 64MB AGP Video $189.00
Add 60GB Hard Drive (replaces 40GB drive) $25.00
Add 80GB Hard Drive (replaces 40GB drive) $49.00
Add 120GB Hard Drive (replaces 40GB drive) $99.00
Add Creative PCI 128 Sound Card $25.00
Add Creative Soundblaster Live Sound Card $49.00
Add OC 1050 Speaker System w/ subwoofer $29.00
Add OC 2000 5 piece Speaker System w/ subwoofer $59.00
Add OC 5050 6 piece Speaker System w/ subwoofer $89.00


Available from a variety of manufacturers with a wide array of options. Call us and let us find the system for you. Possible selections include:

Toshiba Satellite 1100-MU 128MB 20GB CD 56K NIC XP HOME $1,799

IBM TP, Toshiba, etc.


All systems come with 2yr. Parts and Labour Warranty.


Operating Systems:

MS Windows 98/Me/XP
(with purchase of system only)

MS Windows 2000, 2003 and Network OS's (such as Win2000 Server and Linux) are also available upon request.

KDS Monitors and LCD's

17" SVGA Monitor $199.00
19" SVGA Monitor $299.00
15" TFT LCD Panel $499.00
17" TFT LCD Panel $699.00