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About Narnian

Narnian MicroComputer Services is a small independent company that offers a wide variety of support features to individuals in the areas of Computers, Software, Web Services, Networking, Education and Financial Services.

Individuals in the company have been involved in the computer industry and education since the mid-1980's. Networking has been an expanding area of interest for the past 3-5 years. Education has always been an topic of concern. Narnian is committed to expanding horizons for youth and the public at large using the most up to date methodologies and materials available.

A recent addition to the services available is in the area of Financial Services available to individuals to make provisions for their financial future.

The "Narnian" reference in the company name comes from a series of novels written by C.S. Lewis. The Narnian Chronicles, as they have been dubbed, are allegories produced for children about Christian living. Narnian is used to provide a clue to potential customers, and others, that the company operates on Christian principles and is dedicated to serving others in whatever ways possible.


Roland van Oostveen

Owner Operator - Narnian MicroComputer Services